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L4L (Love for Ladies)
(A brief history)
Win or Lose Music Company [Win or Lose] was formed and launched in 1971 by Robert Poindexter, Richard Poindexter and Jacqueline {Members} Poindexter [the Poindexters]. Win or Lose is a Pioneer company that was at the forefront of the resurgence of Black owned record labels in the early seventies. The first recordings released on the Win or Lose record label were the album “Thin Line Between Love and Hate”; the singles “Love Gonna Pack Up and Walk Out,” “Peace in the Valley of Love” and “Thanks for Loving Me,” all recorded by the legendary Persuaders and written and produced by the Poindexters.
During that time Win or Lose Records also released the hit singles “Love Brought You Here” recorded by Pat Johnson, “Got a Situation” recorded by the famous vocal instrumental group Brother To Brother and “Sugartoes” recorded “by Ray Lewis. Pat Johnson’s composition was written by the Poindexters. Brother To Brother and Ray Lewis co-wrote their composition with the Poindexters.

After selling millions of records on the Persuaders and its other artists in the early and mid-seventies, Win or Lose went into somewhat of a hiatus until the eighties. In 1984 Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders recorded the classic “Thin Line Between Love and Hate” on their platinum album “Learning To Crawl”; it was also released as a single. Win or Lose Publishing Co. is credited on the labels of both the album and the single as the publisher. Also in the mid-eighties the Win or Lose record label released “I Love Harlem” recorded by the Persuaders, written and produced by the Poindexters.

The Win or Lose Music Publishing Co. enjoyed great success in the nineties with some big hits, including: the and production of the original “Thin Line Between Love and Hate” on Spike Lee’s Movie Sound track “Crooklyn”; and the 1996 Martin Lawrence movie “Thin Line between Love and Hate” based on the Poindexters’ classic of the same title. Also Win Or Lose Records released the classic Persuaders’ album “Stayed Away Too Long” in 1996. It was the last Persuaders’ album featuring an original member [Thomas Hill]. The album was primarily co-written and produced by Jacqueline and Robert Poindexter, with minimal contributions by others.

In the 2000’s certain Poindexters’ compositions and productions came back out with an explosion, including: “Girls Girls Girls Remix” on the Jay Z platinum album “The Blue Print”; “Thin Line Between Love and Hate” on the Annie Lennox Platinum album “Medusa”; and “Willow Is A Playa” on the Will Smith Gold album “Born To Reign.” Most recently the Poindexters received platinum records for writing “He Can Only Hold Her” on the 2007 Amy Winehouse Grammy winning album “Back To Black” and “Slow Dance” on the 2007 John Legend Platinum album “Once Again.” Both of the compositions were published by Win or Lose Music’s subsidiary Companies Jacbob and Mr P. Music.

The New York Daily News did a full page story on the Poindexters/Win or Lose in the February 2, 2008 issue and the Jet Magazine did a two page story on the Poindexters/Win or Lose in the May 19, 2008 issue.

The Poindexters/Win or Lose has grown into subsidiaries Jacbob Music and Mr. P. Music Companies and the hits just keep on coming!!!

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